Ohjaus- ja ohjelmapalvelu Lara Nurminen -in English

Hello there!

So nice to have you here, visiting my pages. My name is Laura Nurminen, but almost everyone calls me by my nickname Lara and that’s why I named my firm also with it. Ohjaus- ja ohjelmapalvelu means I offer all sorts of conducting, coaching, training and program services. My firm provides supervising, psychodrama, playback theatre, workshops and trainings including applied arts.

I am a wife of one man, mother of two children and one more furry baby. In my free time I love to sing, and take my doggo out, and I enjoy my time in the gym. I also inhale culture in many different shapes. I live in Savonlinna, but I’m willing to travel in Etelä-Savo area and of course many of my services are also available online.   

To whom?


Do you know who you are? Who would you like to be? Or where you are on your way? Would you like to get to know you and your history better? Or do you need help or support in a tough life situation? I am here for you. I am very sensitive and intuitive psychodrama therapist, and I can offer you training for example about your boundaries, personal conduct or your own voice.

Groups: work communities / organizations / employees

Does your work community or organization want fun, functional and active program for wellness day? Or does it need profound training in how to interact in the organization and by that be more productive?  Contact me! I am also available as a supervisor for a longer process if you need support in your work-related issues. Group or/and individuals.


Do you know how to sum up all the potential you have in you – and how to make sums of possibilities? Do you need someone to throw your ideas with? I am the one! I have coaching ensembles for solo entrepreneurs as individual coaching and also as a group-shaped working.

Did this resonate to you? Please, contact me and we’ll have a chat!

Contact me:


+358 45-1383143